Chained to You Bag

MEASUREMENT > 36.5cm(W) x 42.5cm(H)
STATUS> Available  
COLOUR> Sold out

Out of the Box Bag

RM145  RM99
MEASUREMENT > 21cm(L) x 7cm(W) x 14.5cm(H)
STATUS> Sold out

Cougar Town Ring

RM65  RM52

STATUS> Sold out  

December sales

December has arrived and it's time to get ready for the holiday season. In keeping with the holiday spirit, we are marking down all clothing to RM35 (applicable to items over RM35). Once you find an item you like, drop us an email at with your order details.

Thanks and happy shopping! :)

See you tomorrow at The KL Bazaar Trilogy

We couldn't help but feel really excited to see you at our booth tomorrow! :)

Trend alert: Detachable collar

We just received a very interesting update from Chictopia today. Here's the latest trend alert: Chictopia Detachable Collar.

Now here's where you can get your very own detachable collar from Wish Valley: Pop Ya Collar

Happy shopping! :)

p/s: Note the huge difference in price. Rest assured that our products are made of high quality, yet still available to you at an affordable price.

The KL Bazaar Trilogy: 20th August 2011

We'll be setting up shop on Saturday, 20th August. Come look for Wish Valley :)